Saturday, April 15, 2023

At the sepulchre: another difficulty for stealing the body

Just a miniscule apologetic point on the difficulty of the apostles stealing Jesus' body that may be worth mentioning. 

Even if the Roman guard, mentioned at Matthew, was asleep, the apostles or others could hardly walked to the tomb unnoticed because of the closeness to city walls: some 200 meters west from one side and 500 north from another. On a day of rest, with a full moon on an open space, enough men to move the stone would have been conspicuous from the battlements. Add to that, that the gates were very likely closed at night and watched.

Also, some outside help was highly unlikely because of lack of fluid communication between the city and  other locales; Bethany, friendly, but on the other side of Jerusalem and probably still on an uproar about Lazarus; and Emmaus, too far away.


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