Saturday, March 7, 2015

Self-improvement arc

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For this year I plan on posting the longest arc to date, this one revolving around self improvement and books. For today's post I'll detail a bit on the planned release schedule and the reasons for my inclusions. At the root of this drive are Harry Lorayne's books on memory and the mind which inspired me to strive for better control of myself. From it I took up chess as a way to exercise my mind. As a further step I took on the Great Books reading program. Other fabulous books have come my way such as Adler's How to read a Book and Hazlitt's Thinking as a Science and some few on performance such as Gawande's Better and Colby's Talent is Overrated. The centerpiece will be my review of Britannica's The Great Books of The Western World of whose reading is still an ongoing project.

So this is how it may go:

  1. Introductory pieces
    • Harry Lorayne and his Secrets of mind power
    • Harry Lorayne and his Miracle math
    • Chess Calculation I
    • Chess Calculation II
  1. Main sequence
    • Reading the OED book review
    • The Britannica Great Books review
    • Adler's How To Read a Book review
    • Gateway to The Great Books review
    • Letter to my Niblings (a Great Books set present)
    • My stunt journalism mini-feat retaking O'shea's Reading the OED
  1. Other greats
    • Hazlitt's Thinking as a Science book review
    • Colby's Talent is Overrated review
    • Gawande's Better review
    • The Tusculan Disputations
  1. Coda
    • Eat that Frog
    • On the importance of how to cook


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