Saturday, January 10, 2015

Madoka Magica review

What's like to live in a godless world? What's like to give your best and still fail?  What's like to give your best and have as much tries as you like at it and still face an unconquerable challenge that has to be bested? Does giving your all for the right reasons make any difference in this kind of world or does it make matters worse? These are part of the quandaries that face the heroines of Madoka Magica. Stemming from the magical girl theme the characters must make choices that affect themselves, their future and that of the world in more ways that they imagine. Technically a top notch production in visual art and music, it warrants watching for the first three episodes. However at episode 4 events take a screeching turn into unimagined territory that won't be fully explored until the final episodes. Enjoy the first three episodes and tell yourself, why, that was a good show. Stay for more and be prepared for a difficult harrowing drive that doesn't promise to be a good experience. Only the most jaded or blas√© can fail to be moved by watching until the end. It's that bad. Five stars if you can stomach it. I couldn't.

5 stars


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