Saturday, June 14, 2014

Virtual Box vs Virtual Pc 2007

Due to the well-known end of life for Win XP I decided to switch my virtual machine platform  to Virtual Box from VirtualPC 2007. To anyone else who's looking to do likewise here go the pros and cons I've seen of the newer over the older.


  • Easier virtual hardware configuration
  • Multiple cores
  • Video acceleration
  • Snapshots
  • Video capture
  • Client more frequently updated
  • Faster VM loading
  • USB support
  • Still free


  • Heavy files
  • Backup a hassle:
    • Resource intensive & slow
    • Guest Windows activation somehow doesn't survive the export/import cycle
  • No file drag and drop between guest and host with Windows as a guest
  • I've not been able to easily set up a shared folder
  • This one is creepy: My Andrea sound pod wakes up and blinks signaling that the microphone is active.  Haven't found the reason.
  • Ugly icon (yuk!)

Virtual Box
Virtual Box Win 7 on Win 7


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