Saturday, November 16, 2013

Small bear and the jar of jam

Here's a small children's story I wrote on my last birthday. Any Illustration you might send in will be appreciated.

There was once a small bear. One day she found a jar of jam lying in the forest. "Is it honey?" she asked her mom. Mamma bear smelled at the jar.
"No," she said "it is jam."
"Is it like honey?" asked the small bear "It smells sweet!"
"And so it does, but it isn't quite honey"
"Phewee, I sure wish it were"
"I can catch a salmon or two if you are hungry"
"Salmon would be nice, but honey would be even better!"
"My dear girl. Let us find then a honeycomb for my sweet little honeybunch"

And so they did and the small bear had her fill of honey.


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