Saturday, September 14, 2013

The longtailed rooster and the hermit

There was once a longtailed rooster. He was the most beautiful bird in the area and was much cared for and admired. So much so that even since he was a chick, it was decided that he would compete in the neighboring big town beyond the hills. The longtailed rooster grew proud and certain that he would win when the time came.

Standing on its high perch, he once saw a sorry creature arrive into town. It was a hermit. What would he want here? He was bent and his clothes were all tattered, if clothes could be called to the rags hanging on him. He was also silent not opening his mouth to say anything. As  the longtailed rooster peered him the townsfolk began curiously to gather round the man. It was the eve of the competition and the next day in the longtailed rooster expected to be taken beyond the hills.


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