Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Definitive Bio of PDQ Bach

For those who are already well acquainted with PDQ's albums, the PDQ experience doesn't end with the CD's and odd videos. Back in the 70's Prof. Schickele released The Definitive Biography of PDQ Bach.

This book attempts to lay rest once and for all those critics that still doubt the existence of PDQ doing so with a rich documentary exposition. While at it, it also gives ample info on the author's experience of working with PDQ's music, his job at the University of Southern North Dakota and relic-finding digs.

We also get sketches of some of PDQ's associates, such as Jonathan Boozey Hawkes, prince Fred and Pater Martini, who are just mentioned in the recordings. There is also the complete (at the time of the writing) catalog of PDQ's compositions with commentary and illustrations divided on his three creative periods  and list of recordings.

There is an audiobook version of this book read by Prof. Schickele himself. I've not listened to it, but it appears to be a very abridged version as it only tallies about an hour of material.

There is at least another use for this bio. As a prank try giving a copy to a friend and see how long it takes him to decide on the veracity of it.

Overall, a very nice, funny book and a must for those who are already interested on PDQ. It can be purchased used online very cheaply. Go for those of the best conditions. My copy had some pages missing.


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