Saturday, March 2, 2013

My first Oolong

Green & blue parakeets. Taken by: Benjamin Miller; Source: Up until a few days ago there had been a glaring gaping hole in my tea experience: I had never tasted oolong tea before. I decided to see what it was like once and for all. I intended to get a yamamotoyama packet at my local Japanese store, but standing before the shelves I found that they only had it in teabags. There was only one other oolong which was an unbranded one in bulk; this one in loose leaf. I bought 100 g of it for $1.5 which makes it the cheapest tea that I have ever purchased. After opening the cellophane bag I found that it not only contained the tea leaves proper but a hodgepodge of sticks and dust in about equal proportions and also, I kid you not, a half an inch piece of cardboard. With just a bit of trepidation I prepared myself a teapot of it and despite of its irregularities and cheap price it turned out to be both tasty and refreshing. I plan to remove the sticks and another foreign material out, enjoy, and get a better one in the future. I also discovered that this tea is very, how should I put it, fluffy in that it takes more space in the container for the same weight than black tea, pretty much the same way as white tea does. Of course, the added materials and debris do not help.

(Had a photo of the tea, but seems I've lost it [the photo, not my marbles] . Here's a parakeets photo instead)


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