Saturday, January 9, 2016

Samsung 850 EVO on a Dell Inspiron 3647

As a current general-purpose desktop the Inspiron 3647 is a great affordable machine. It's only weak spot is the spinning drive, which although has a storage capacity of 1 TB, it's still a mechanical device. I decided to give my dad's brand-new Inspiron a boost by removing the factory drive and installing a Samsung 850 EVO solid-state drive (SSD).

The change of hard drives is just a bit wee difficult owing that the drive for these design is the most inaccessible component of the system. Following the online manual (, the process was pretty much straightforward. Probably the only tricky part was removing the fan shroud and getting the fingers in to make the disconnections.

An adapter for the smaller size form factor would have been best, but there is no performance hit in leaving the SSD just hanging owing to its lack of movable parts. Also, the rigidity of the sata and power cables gives it enough stability and just leave it there.

In the end, I got everything I asked for: an uneventful installation, BIOS  and Windows 10 ready drive identification, all the speed benefits, identification from the Samsung latest magician software (4.8)  which includes the RAPID mode, which, at least judging by the boot times and performance benchmark numbers is blisteringly fast, and a spare Western Digital extra drive for backups.


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