Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ghosts by Llewelyn review

Llewelyn has an impressive catalog to his credit. A casual overview of his output reveals that he leans heavily to the healing/relax/contemplative/New Age. Such diversity can make someone suspicious. How can he write so much? Is it all good? I cannot answer these questions, but I will give my endorsement to one album that deviates from the rest.
"1939"; Owner: Jim Smith; source: burningwell.orgGhosts appropriately deals with hauntings. I cannot entirely decide if the music here belongs to ambient or mood; I think it may be both. It is played with electronic instruments and is very mellow. The music all throughout feels like a soundtrack for a movie, but not a sad or scary one. Rather, it gives the listener images of lonely, mysterious places on moonlit nights with tendrils of fog creeping all round. Sometimes, when I have to wake very early in the morning to finish some work, I find it a very suitable companion, as, at those hours, I feel like a ghost myself and what better to have music to fit in?

On the cover it says that it is music inspired by ghost stories of the British Isles. The track names reflect this with some of the most popular stories, some, that you might already know.

I don't know if this one is intended for relaxation, but if you find plain vanilla relaxation music boring, you might give this one a go. It might even be good for playing before sleep, just don't play it night after night, because it's charm would wear off.

Originally downloaded this at e-music, but I'm sure that you can easily get it on any digital music store. Recommended.


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