Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sacking of Rome: Community Service

What follows is the sequence of events from the death of Theodosius leading to the sacking of Rome by Alaric. This was extracted from Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Thought this list might come handy to someone who is doing research and in a hurry.

Theodosius dies in January. Honorius crowned as the Western Emperor
Goth revolt in autumn. Low subsidies & Rufinus incitation. Alaric demands title and command.
Pillage of Greece. Oversight of Corinth and the Thermopylae
Stilicho navigates to Greece. The Goths besieged. They escape
Constantinople asks for the exit of Stilicho
Constantinople honors Alaric, gives him authority
Alaric arms himself in Greece. May have been reinforced at the Danube
Alaric enters Italy. Stilicho defeats him. Alan and English garrison as Imperial reinforcements.
Stilicho pacts peace (403?).
The Huns enter Germany
Radagaisus enters Italy. 200K versus 30K/40K
Stilicho encircles and defeats Radagaisus at Florence
Radagasius' allies overcome the Franks at Gaul
Revolt at England. Constantine rival Emperor
Constantine takes parts of Gaul, Spain
Attack from Italy to Gaul
Alaric demands presents from Ravenna for alliance
Stilicho intercedes in favor of Alaric before the Senate. This approves
Commoners, soldiers, Honorius (thanks to Olympus) suspect Stilicho
Officials executed by Olympus. Stilicho executed
Family members of the executed auxiliary units join the Goths. 30K
Alaric enters Italy a second time. Embassy from the Senate. Ransom paid
Slave (40K) and Hun (10K), reinforcements
Renewed demands for gifts (land, title and subsidies) are rejected by Olympus
Alaric's threats make the Senate crown Atalus
Veterans reinforce Ravenna. Failed African expedition. Attalus disgraced
Negotiations between Alaric and the Emperor break down when the former is attacked by auxiliaries
The city of Rome falls when its doors are opened. 410


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